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Can You See If Someone Checks Your Location On An iPhone?

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Unless you are a tech wizard, there is no way to determine who checked your location on your iPhone.  Nobody wants their mobile devices to be monitored, especially not without their knowledge. That is why restrictions have been put in place to protect the typical customer from an invasion of cell phone privacy. However, how can someone track your phone?  ...

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NYC Subways Install LCD Screens to Track Train Locations

While I’m not a New Yorker, I live in close enough proximity to the city that this is pretty exciting. New York City has installed an LCD screen at the Bedford Ave L station subway stop, testing a system that could one day allow patrons to see exactly where their train is. Updating every 15 seconds, the screen accompanies boards ...

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Cityware Tracks Both Adulterers And The Innocent Via Facebook

For those not familiar with the Facebook application Cityware, it uses Bluetooth technology to monitor tens of thousands of people around the world via their mobile phone and then dumps the data on Facebook. The best part? None of these people give their consent to be monitored. You say your boyfriend got the sweats when you asked him how The ...

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The Last Hope: The RFID-Enabled HOPE Badge

Remember the AMD project I previously wrote about? Well here’s the badge you get for attending HOPE. You’re given a removable battery that allows you to participate actively in the AMD project. Don’t want to be tracked for a few hours? Remove the battery and you’re good to go. Hit the jump to see the other side of the badge.

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Cyborg Tales: Startup Using RFID Implants

Ever since some jackass got an RFID implant in his hand, every geek on the planet has been itching to get one. After all, if you could open your front door or turn on a CD player with the wave of your hand, wouldn’t you get the procedure done? Of course you would. Unless of course, the Mafia is going ...

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GPS Mail Logger Keeps An Eye On Your Anonymous Love Letter

Just because the USPS tracking system happens to be as unreliable as a women’s period with PCOS, you might need a little extra push to ensure your snail mail still arrives at its proper destination. This way, at least it’s the right person who calls the cops on you for stalking. The GPS Mail Logger is just the kind of ...

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