GPS Mail Logger Keeps An Eye On Your Anonymous Love Letter


Just because the USPS tracking system happens to be as unreliable as a women’s period with PCOS, you might need a little extra push to ensure your snail mail still arrives at its proper destination. This way, at least it’s the right person who calls the cops on you for stalking. The GPS Mail Logger is just the kind of thing to save you the tracking fee.

Measuring only a quarter of an inch thick, and compatible with Google Earth, The GPS Mail Logger from Brickhouse Security fits easily into a typical envelope, and weighs little enough to save the expenditure for an extra stamp. After the letter moves on its way, you can watch the precise path it takes to reach its destination. Track your mail on your terms for the low-low price of $695.99.


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  1. Hi,
    can this system be used to cover mainland europe and the united kingdom and is the feed ‘live’?
    we require a system which will allow us to track an item through the postal system in europe but we will not be able to recover the envelope after delivery.

    kindest regards


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