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Musicians Complain About Guantanamo Bay Treatment

So here’s the deal: since 2003, the US Army has been effectively torturing detainees at Guantanamo with scare tactics and other jazz. One of the tactics is to blast music and rock and roll at prisoners “to create fear, disorient … and prolong capture shock.” Everything was peachy keen until this year, when several musicians teamed up to protest the ...

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Flash Fun With Spiders (Arachnaphobes Beware)

Fancy spiders? Check out this creative piece of Flash animation. You can pull a spider around by its legs or just toss it about, making it your helpless victim for any torture you see fit. Still, no one wants to touch a real spider of that size anywhere but here, where the sky is the limit (actually it’s 255 pixels.) ...

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Guantnamo Theme At Coney Island Is Frightening

Have you been to Coney Island lately? It’s the prime spot for carny games and funnel cake. Now, it’s got even more appeal, with robots acting out the infamous torture technique of waterboarding. It’ll have you running in terror as if you’re being chased by a creepy old man bot. Artist Steve Powers opened the Waterboard Thrill Ride on West ...

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One Man Tied: The cable hook that makes you look twice

Feeling a little masochistic? Well don’t go beat your kids just yet. Here’s a safer alternative to unleash some of that built up violence. One Man Tied is a unique cable tidy hook that not only helps organize your cables, but leaves you with the satisfaction of a fresh torture, without the guilt. This 4″ tall poor little man is ...

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