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Farewell VHS, We Hardly Knew Ye

It seems like only yesterday I was paying $20 dollars for every hot movie that hit store shelves in VHS format. Today, I can go into a store and buy three tapes for just a dollar. Whoever said that a dollar can’t buy you anything was full of shit. Ever since the creation of DVD, VHS has been on a ...

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The Force Is Strong With This Home Theater

Most of the home theaters we’ve seen offer little more than a large picture and crisp, quality sound. However, it is Monday and as such, an obligatory Star Wars post was bound to show up. Today, we acknowledge Steve Simon’s love for Star Wars and the dedication he (and a few friends) put into this Star Wars-themed home theater system. ...

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Rent The Big Screen (Not The Concession Stand)

Here’s some good news for those who live in Canada: you no longer have to settle for playing your Xbox 360 games on that 20 inch TV of yours. Well, you don’t have to settle for it if you’ve got the cash and the friends willing to accompany you as you rent out a movie theater. Playing the upcoming Fallout ...

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MST3K Lives On Through YouTube

For those not familiar with Mystery Science Theater 3000, shame on you. A man and two robots trapped on a satellite forced to watch terrible movies sums it up. While most of the humor was displayed during the trash films that played throughout each episode of the show, there were intermissions between commercials. One of the more memorable moments is ...

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DIY: $30,000 Stereo System

Manitoba native Michael Tarasenco built a $50,000 home theater with $30,000 worth of stereo equipment. After many years of being an audio junkie, Michael decided he wanted a theater in his new home. Using no outside labor, the basement was renovated and a theater was built in a 13′ x 28′ area. Watching projected movies on a 92″ retractable Da-Lite ...

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Suzuki Flix Concept attempts to bring back drive-in movies

So today was the opening day of the Detroit Auto show, which has all of the biggest releases in the car world of the year, and Suzuki unveiled the Flix Concept. If you saw this car on the street, you would think its pretty normal looking, not counting the weird scoop looking thing on the roof. However, if you stopped ...

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