Rent The Big Screen (Not The Concession Stand)

Here’s some good news for those who live in Canada: you no longer have to settle for playing your Xbox 360 games on that 20 inch TV of yours. Well, you don’t have to settle for it if you’ve got the cash and the friends willing to accompany you as you rent out a movie theater. Playing the upcoming Fallout 3 on the big screen would be more enjoyable than any computer animated Star Wars sacrilege or Will Farrell comedy.

As of last Friday, Cineplex Entertainment of Canada started renting out screen time for solely playing Xbox 360. Wait, what about the PS3 or Wii? Oh right…no one plays those systems. For just $179 dollars and tax you’ll gain access to an entire theater for you and 11 friends for a two hour session. Just in case you left your copy of Bioshock at home, they’ll also provide you with access to their own library of games. The theaters rent time is mostly scheduled for the morning, which brings anywhere from 12 to 24 hours of downtime to the theater. But they don’t mind, they’re making more dough doing this than they ever did in the movie business. Welcome to the new-age of arcades, I can’t wait to see the subliminal advertising.

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