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Calculating Doom

There was a time when games like 'Doom' required top-of-the-line computing to play. Now we can play it on a graphing calculator.

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The Tiniest Projector Ever Ideal For Your iPod

Texas Instruments has announced it’s making the tiniest projector ever created commercially available. Dubbed the Optoma Pico, the projector will be available next year with an insanely small DLP chip inside. While it’d be great to see the projector built into your cellphone, Optoma Pico will disappointingly remain a stand-alone mini projector. The product should be making its way to ...

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Texas Instruments Bringing Projectors to Mobile Phones By Year’s End

Imagine the possibilities of having a tiny mobile-projector inside your cellphone. You could hold your own intimate private screenings, showcase the bestiality porn you found on IRC last night or broadcast. Really, the possibilities are endless. Thanks to John Van Scoter over at Texas Instruments, we now know that some cellphones will receive a portable projector by the end of ...

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