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Live On Television: A Rainbow Slinky

I’ve never seen a Slinky suit like this one. I’m not even entirely convinced there is a person inside that thing. I’m thinking it’s a rainbow turd from another planet which was sent here to amuse the Japanese. Everything amuses the Japanese. Honestly, no human being can move their legs like that. It’s definitely a rainbow alien turd. I thought ...

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Japanese iPhone Users Get 1-SEG TV Tuner

With T-Mobile just now rolling out it’s 3G network, it’s pretty apparent that the US is lacking in awesome technology. Japan and other Asian countries get to watch mobile broadcast television via DVB-T or 1-SEG, which can make a morning commute a lot more entertaining. Unfortunately, iPhone users have been left in the dark – until now. Released in conjunction ...

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HBO Goodness Available On iTMS UK

Just because you don’t have HBO on your tube doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the premiere programming HBO has to offer like The Sopranos, Sex and the City, Entourage, Rome and The Wire. HBO and Apple are teaming up to offer HBO shows for download on the iTunes Music Store in the UK. Each individual episode ...

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Return of The Thunderbirds

Thunderbirds, the gadget packed British 1960’s sci-fi puppet TV show, may be coming back on the air. Gerry Anderson, who created the show with his wife Sylvia told reporters that he’s in talks to bring back the series 32 years after it’s last episode.

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Rejoice! TiVo Lifetime Subscriptions Make A Comeback

A few years ago, the phrase DVR meant TiVo. If you were recording TV shows, you were TiVoing. Times changed, TiVo panicked and the company stopped offering lifetime subscriptions. Ever since then, TiVo’s charisma has been flawed and the company has been offering extras to subscribers to placate them year after year. Thankfully, the company has realized the error of ...

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