Rejoice! TiVo Lifetime Subscriptions Make A Comeback


A few years ago, the phrase DVR meant TiVo. If you were recording TV shows, you were TiVoing. Times changed, TiVo panicked and the company stopped offering lifetime subscriptions. Ever since then, TiVo’s charisma has been flawed and the company has been offering extras to subscribers to placate them year after year.

Thankfully, the company has realized the error of its ways and will now offer lifetime subscriptions again. Unfortunately, the price-tag that comes with it isn’t all that great. Be prepared to shell out $399. Not only that, the subscription is box-specific, meaning that you can’t upgrade to that Series 3 without shelling out more bucks.

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  1. Longtime user of TiVo since it first came out, we upgraded,replaced part of the original and got a lifetime subsription. Now out comes HD television, we cannot upgrade without buying a a new “LIFETIME SUBCRIPTION” as it is only a lifetime subsription for that particular box. That being said, we are sadly retiring our tivo to our bedroom tv and not upgrading to HD. TIVO needs to understand what lifetime means, and make it transferable to their other boxes. Duh? Ya think?
    Debi in CT

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