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Super Soaker Table

If you’re like me, constantly looking to buy furniture for the house that is not only cheap and tacky but also expensive, Jellios line of squirt gun tables is that and so much more. At $325 the “Candy table” is a ordinary glass table, hollowed out and filled with squirt gun tanks from your favorite Super Soaker squirt guns growing ...

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NES Coffee Table Stores Your Games, Controls Your Console

The NES controller is just a classic example of iconic gaming culture being hacked and modded into oblivion. So many awesome projects have integrated the Nintendo controller design that it’s almost becoming a clich. I said almost. The NES Coffee Table is among some of the most awesome mods we’ve ever seen and we’ve seen some doozies. Not only is ...

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Da Table Is Da Coolest Table Dat You Ever Did See

I decided this homebrew LED coffee table is the perfect way to begin a new week. It’s called Da Table and features a grid of LED lights right below the surface of the table. The grid can also be programmed to display a number of messages and patterns through an integrated micro controller. Something tells me a cheeseball would buy ...

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Sven Table Lamp: lights that save energy

Everything is trying to advertise on an eco-friendly campaign, so naturally many of the new products are using solar power or saving energy or not emitting horrible gases. Lucesco uses the saves energy idea to market its Sven Table Lamp even though its not all that amazing. The Lamp contains only 40 LEDs which are powered by 22 watts, which ...

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