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IceBlok Keeps Damn Cubes Where They Are Supposed To Be

While the little things, such as ice cubes rubbing against my lips and under my nose, aren’t too much of an annoyance to me, there are times, on the hottest of days, when the sweat is just pouring from every pour in my body, those dog days of August, where everything is an earth shattering pain in the asshole. It’s ...

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Beer Blaster: Finally A Weapon To Use With Our Beer Holster

We’ve fooled around with a few alcoholic holsters in the past. Frankly, they all felt sort of empty. What’s a holster without a high-powered weapon? Sure, we still had multiple cans of beer to keep us busy, but we need to be shooting something WHILE we drink to really feel like real men. The Beer Blaster allows you to literally ...

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Experimental Summer Home at Hardanger

New York is a great city and offers unlimited possibilities but sometimes, you just need to get away. If I had the cash, I’d most likely head over to Hardanger in Norway. Why Norway? Architects Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhelmsen built a small summer home in the woods, overlooking a lake. It’s a minimalist approach to living, with only a ...

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One Camera That’s OK To Drop

If you’ve been keeping track of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, then you’ve certainly noticed the amazing camera work detailing every event clearly and at every angle. That is to say if you haven’t been too distracted watching Michael Phelps tear everyone a new asshole. I bet you’re wondering how they cover events such as synchronized diving so thoroughly? ...

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Rash Wet Suits Leave Rashes

Getting wet this summer? Of course you are. If you’re like me and you were to conjugate and abbreviate your first name with your last name, then people would call you Rash. Why not wear your new nickname on your shoulder? Rash wet suits couldn’t have a worse name. Whenever you think of their wet suits, all you’ll be thinking ...

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BBQ Fan and Light: Because Our Hair Is Too Perfect To Get Sweaty

Spring and summer are just around the corner, and that means whipping out the old grill for some Fourth of July barbecue. Mmm…ribs. The temperature can get pretty steamy in these seasons, but not nearly as hot as when you are cooking over the grill. Some people hate the heat so much they resort to cooking their burgers in less ...

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