BBQ Fan and Light: Because Our Hair Is Too Perfect To Get Sweaty


Spring and summer are just around the corner, and that means whipping out the old grill for some Fourth of July barbecue. Mmm…ribs. The temperature can get pretty steamy in these seasons, but not nearly as hot as when you are cooking over the grill. Some people hate the heat so much they resort to cooking their burgers in less orthodox ways. The BBQ Fan and Light make sure you have a constant stream of fresh air headed your way.

We can deal with minor retina burns and smoke flowing into our tear ducts, making us look like blubbering fools, but what we cannot deal with is our perfectly manicured hair becoming greasy with sweat. After hours of placing every strand in its right place, there is just no need to ruin it for the sake of delicious meats. Well, maybe for meats, but definitely not so other people can enjoy those meats! Get yours for $45.


Andrew Dobrow

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