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Does a Cat Really Always Land on Its Feet?

When you walk around your house with your cat in your arms and she decides to have one of her random freak-outs, inevitably jumping out of your arms, your heart skips a few beats. What if she lands wrong? What if she injures her leg? What if she shatters her hip? What if she splinters her organs with bone fragments? ...

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A Brief Study of Mario

Born as Jumpman in the early 1980’s, later changing his name to the much less embarrassing Mario Mario, this is one above average plumber. What other plumbers do you know who can hold their breath for an infinite period of time underwater or can break blocks of bricks with their bare fists without any long-term repercussions? I think not. This ...

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I Knew It!: Study Shows Internet Makes You Smarter

A study conducted by a UCLA research team concluded that searching the net can increase your brain function, further confirming that I’m a genius (or so says all of the internet IQ tests, that’s right, all of them baby.) The study followed the brain activity of 24 adults aged 55 and 78 years old, half of which had little to ...

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Falling Books Bookend: Reading is Dangerous

Playing God is entertaining. If it wasn’t, games such as The Sims and the iPhone’s Pocket God wouldn’t be nearly as popular as they are. So why shouldn’t gadgets offering a bird’s eye view of another person’s misfortune not be popular as well? The Falling Books Bookend adds a dose of omnipresence into your study or library. Watch as a ...

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Scientists Say Twitter Can Cause Some Major Issues

New scientific findings have discovered that the rapid-fire rate of information and social interaction on Twitter can cause all of you mere mortals some serious issues. As a Jew-Bot T1100, I’m at no risk here, though you, as a human, are apparently at risk of a numbed sense of morality and indifference to human suffering, classic symptoms of a sociopath. ...

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We’re Still Alive, Large Hadron Collider Works!

It’s probably not in the best interest of mankind to try and recreate a big bang right here on our planet, but scientists just can’t get enough of attempting to destroy existence as we know it. For those not familiar with the Large Hadron Collider, it’s the world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator complex that stretches a whopping 17 miles. ...

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