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iPhone 3G Link Roundup

With the iPhone 3G finally hitting store shelves, we though it’d be nice to provide you with some good reads regarding its release. Engadget’s coverage of the launch Yahoo News: Eager buyers line up for iPhone 3G Crunch Gear’s coverage of the launch BBC: Apple’s 3G iPhone reaches stores Fortune: Apple 2.0 Live! T3: 3G iPhone mania arrives Slash Phone: ...

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Shop Windows Draw Consumers To Stare

This interactive approach to window shopping is sure to get consumer attention. Detecting the gaze of the customer looking at objects in the window, sensors calculate gaze durations and predominantly display the most enticing of merchandise. This same technology could be used in museums and art galleries to show viewers extra material and/or tidbits of information regarding the displayed product. ...

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Our Experience With The Something Store

So earlier this month, we let you know about a little website called The Something Store. In case you missed it, you pay $10 and receive a random, unknown item in the mail. A simple, yet, genius idea. Well, I placed my order on May 16th and it came this morning. The box was small as shit, as you can ...

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The Something Store

Why spend a ton of money on eBay for someone else’s crap when you can blow $10 and be done with it? That’s probably the concept behind SomethingStore.com, a new website that will send you something for ten bucks. So far, customers have gotten items like a gourmet coffee maker, a wall clock, kitchen knives, a pair of designer jeans ...

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