iPhone 3G Link Roundup

With the iPhone 3G finally hitting store shelves, we though it’d be nice to provide you with some good reads regarding its release.

  • Engadget’s coverage of the launch
  • Yahoo News: Eager buyers line up for iPhone 3G
  • Crunch Gear’s coverage of the launch
  • BBC: Apple’s 3G iPhone reaches stores
  • Fortune: Apple 2.0 Live!
  • T3: 3G iPhone mania arrives
  • Slash Phone: The White iPhone 3G Unboxing: Not the Best Color Design
  • First persons to get iPhone 3G mobile
  • The unofficial Apple web blog
  • Japanese line up for the iPhone with a Stormtrooper
  • Yahoo News: London Launch of iPhone 3G Marred by Software Problems
  • Following the launch of the iPhone 3G has been a wild ride. For all those who got their phone today because waiting just wasn’t an option, we salute your bravery.

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