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Are you doing the Boston Typewriter? Perhaps we're lucky that when it comes to marketing, viral video has its limits.

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Sony Ericsson Intros TM506 On T-Mobile

Normally, we tend to stay away from the played out consumer electronics but this particular one deserved a mention. The reason? This is Sony Ericsson’s first cellphone ever on T-Mobile’s US network. Known as the TM506, it’s a decent clamshell phone that will feature 3G, one of the key selling points for T-Mobile since it just rolled out its US ...

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Cough Into This Headset

Did you get a ticket for talking on your cellphone while driving? Man, that sucks. Well, do something about it, get a headset. Better yet, get a headset to feed your nicotine addiction. Making calls is as easy as shouting into this cigarette box. It’s designed for Nokia/Samsung/Sony Ericsson cellphones or people trying to get over cancer by reminding themselves ...

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Just When You Thought That iPhone 3G Was Hot…

If there’s a company out there that can take on Apple, it’s either Nokia or Sony-Ericsson. The latter company will be coming out with a sleek little cellphone called the C905 in Q4 of this year. It’ll have a really nice QVGA screen, support MS Exchange just like the iPhone 3G, Bluetooth, Xenon flash and some other crap. It sounds ...

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Sony Ericsson W200 beats your iPod at playback lifetime

So maybe this new Sony Ericsson W200 will only carry 27MB of built-in storage, but its battery life of an estimated 18 hour playback battery life puts your iPod to shame. Don’t worry about the 27MB internal, you can put a Memory Stick Micro card into it and expand to however large a card you want. As far as file ...

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