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Google Thinks You’re Naughty: Blacklisted Google Instant Words List

For those of you out there who have adopted the Google Instant lifestyle with open arms, you might have noticed a little catch when searching for a query which might contain such dirty words as “hairy,” “submissive,” and even, dare I say it, “tushy.” These searches require the extra step of a click or a keystroke. This is no accident. ...

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Google Unveils Google Instant to the Masses

Search, as we know it, is about to change. The search giant Google has unveiled an overhauled search system they call Google Instant. Basically what Google Instant does is eliminate the need for a search button. Just start typing and the search is automatically updated in real-time with each new letter. How did they accomplish this? Magic! With a few ...

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Google Celebrates World Cup with Search Specific Doodle

Call me a stupid American. Call me not down with the times. But I never really got into soccer. Maybe it was my inability to play the game that really did it. Soccer isn’t friendly to chubby smokers who can’t run more than a few feet. But for whatever reason, I never really grasped the sport. But then again I ...

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Fool Your Friends with Gravity Google

Sure, it might look like the normal Google that you’ve all come to know and love. But head over to the link and check it out for yourself. Then you’ll realize why Gravity Google makes such an awesome prank. Your friends will be all like, “WTF?” and you’ll be all like “HA HA.” And then they’ll be all like, “Look ...

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Google Playing Around With the Idea of Button-less Search

We’ve yet to see this live ourselves, but people across Twitter and the blogosphere are commenting about a button-less Google search home page which has been popping up sporadically across the web, notably for Windows users using Firefox. Apparently, instead of the usual “Google Search” and “I’m Feeling Lucky” buttons, there simply reads a message: “Press enter to search.” According ...

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Mystery Google: Search Someone Else’s Query

Although it doesn’t do much good to type in your search query, click search and wind up with someone else’s search results, Mystery Google is actually pretty entertaining. Type in a search and press enter. You aren’t whizzed off to your own search results, but the results of the person who searched before you. For example, I typed in a ...

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