Tumblr Creates A More Powerful Search!

Tumblr is making headlines after rebuilding their search tool to result in a more powerful search engine and to filter NSFW tags too. This announcement comes just as Tumblr passes the 65B post mark.


The completely revamped Tumblr search engine HAS to be better than its old search function because it was fairly close to non-existent…at least, it wasn’t worth writing home about. The new search function is not only much more powerful but it is also much more user friendly in that it allows users to search using more than one tag at once and it provides easier access to NSFW filters (for all your noobs that means not safe for work.) Another addition to the new search implementation means that users can search without using the hashtag so that search results will not only include hashtags but they will also include mentions of the word itself. Lastly the new changes have also resulted in some terms being unblocked by filters, these are terms that are not considered NSFW by default however get blocked anyway for example use of the term “gay.”

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