Google Playing Around With the Idea of Button-less Search


We’ve yet to see this live ourselves, but people across Twitter and the blogosphere are commenting about a button-less Google search home page which has been popping up sporadically across the web, notably for Windows users using Firefox.

Apparently, instead of the usual “Google Search” and “I’m Feeling Lucky” buttons, there simply reads a message: “Press enter to search.” According to some of these users, the buttons fade-in when you mouse over the area. Anyone experiencing this live?


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  1. Yes, when I bring up the Google home page in IE7, all I see is the logo and a search box – no text or anything else. As soon as I move the mouse over the page all the normal options fade in.

  2. The buttons do fade in if you put your mouse over “Press enter to search” or if you move your mouse at all while on the page.

  3. I’m actually seeing “this space intentionally left blank” at google right now.

  4. Although reducing keystrokes is always admirable… I despise flash type interfaces except when absolutely needed. Flash is way over-used, even in this Google beta, where you don’t see the search button until you scroll over it.

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