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Google Playing Around With the Idea of Button-less Search

We’ve yet to see this live ourselves, but people across Twitter and the blogosphere are commenting about a button-less Google search home page which has been popping up sporadically across the web, notably for Windows users using Firefox. Apparently, instead of the usual “Google Search” and “I’m Feeling Lucky” buttons, there simply reads a message: “Press enter to search.” According ...

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Microsoft and Yahoo! Announce Major Search Pact

This is a potential game-changer. In a real stunner, Microsoft and Yahoo! have announced an agreement which will attach Microsoft search engine Bing will now power Yahoo! In return, Microsoft will receive advertising and sales power from Yahoo! in their Bing and Yahoo! search results. The agreement will last at least 10 years. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says the agreement ...

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Apple Netbook Leaked?

Found on Gizmodo, this above image is apparently a leaked picture of a new Mac netbook of some sort. Right now, this whole situation is kind of sketchy but it appears to be a legit photo from Apple that was spotted in the logs of a “unnamed search engine company.” What do you think? Real or fake? I tend to ...

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