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Genius Students Create Fart Smell-O-Meter

So, apparently, there is a scientific way to measure the deathly odor of you gas. I always sort of wondered how my farts compared to everyone elses. I mean, I know everyone freaks out when I fart in a car, threatening to jump out onto the pavement passing at a considerable rate below, and then there was the one guy ...

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Pacman is Also Good For Lighting

The very Pacman-esque O! Cap is a eco-friendly bulb cap which provides a calming color and fragrance. The scented silicon O! Cap comes in an assortment of colors and fragrances including: orange with mandarin aroma, green with lemongrass aroma or purple with cherry blossom aroma. The scent is emitted after fake Packy is placed over an eco-friendly bulb. Screw the ...

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Smell of Books: The Cure for Print Withdrawal

I’m sort of worried that if I invest so much money in a Kindle, I’m going to have some serious tactile and olfactory withdrawal. And I don’t think I’m along. We need to feel the book in our hands and smell the scent that only a newly cracked-open book can emit. “Smell of Books” aerosol spray allows you to simulate ...

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Star Trek Fragrances — Mmm, Captain Kirk You Naughty Boy

Your scent is about to go where no man’s scent has gone before. How did Captain Kirk manage to scrounge up all of that hot galactic poonani? Other than the fact that he was a fucking space captain (I mean, come on, hello? Chick magnet city!), the Shat-man had a little secret up his sleeve. A trio of fragrances were ...

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