Genius Students Create Fart Smell-O-Meter


So, apparently, there is a scientific way to measure the deathly odor of you gas. I always sort of wondered how my farts compared to everyone elses. I mean, I know everyone freaks out when I fart in a car, threatening to jump out onto the pavement passing at a considerable rate below, and then there was the one guy that actually did jump. I mean, yeah, it’s raunchy, but worth death, really? Come oooonnn.

Anyway, two Cornell students took it upon themselves to great their very own fart-o-meter, measuring and comparing the stankity stank of your fartsy wartsies. A “slight perturbance” in the air sets the fart machine to work, measuring the three pillars of fartdom ranking: stench, temperature and sound. Can you say “best senior project ever?”


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  1. I must say that this is awesome. What a very unique idea for a senior project! 🙂

  2. Perhaps it could be marketed to the Honolulu City Council…

  3. Really great invention! I hope this sport will go olympic soon 🙂

  4. I hope this ” SMELL-O-METER ” is full of farts!!!

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