Star Trek Fragrances — Mmm, Captain Kirk You Naughty Boy

Tiberius cologne

Your scent is about to go where no man’s scent has gone before. How did Captain Kirk manage to scrounge up all of that hot galactic poonani? Other than the fact that he was a fucking space captain (I mean, come on, hello? Chick magnet city!), the Shat-man had a little secret up his sleeve. A trio of fragrances were recently unveiled, part of a Star Trek Spring Collection by Genki Wear, aptly titled Tiberius, Red Shirt and Pon Farr (for the female captains among us).

Hey, here’s a fun fact. Did you know Pon Farr is Star Trek-ese for hot Vulcan sex? Yeah, of course you knew that already. But let’s drop the trivia game for just a second to rejoice in the fact that, if we so desire, we could literally bathe in the SCENT of our favorite sci-fi universe. At least, until the release of Dalek for Men.


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  1. I’m holding out for the Eau De Spock! For men who are cool, calm, and collected…chicks dig that. ;D

  2. @Charlie Hope you have a sombrero or something to cover up those pointed ears you’re going to grow.

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