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Retro Star Trek iPhone Case

If you’ve been following Starfleet for decades, chances are that you prefer the old, Shatner stuff to all of this Next Generation crappola. And that’s totally fair. We hear ya! This retro Star Trek iPhone case honors the olden days of the Star Trek from yore. Emblazoned in what we like to call “Captain Kirk Gold” colored felt, the two ...

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Toys That Make No Sense: Knit Star Trek Meerkats

I don’t have a problem with Meerkats. They are a fine animal and an all-around interesting species. I just don’t see their place in the Star Trek universe. But, hell, why the heck not, right? Some of you Star Trek purists might be a little turned off, but for the most part, I think these hand knit Star Trek Meerkats ...

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Replica Captain Kirk Chair

Has the new Star Trek movie got you all excited as of late? Support the economy by dropping a whopping $2200 on this replica Captain Kirk chair, complete with buttons on the armrest. True to the original, this captain’s throne is meant for only the true Trekkie who can really appreciate the finer details in life. Just don’t expect to ...

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Star Trek Fragrances — Mmm, Captain Kirk You Naughty Boy

Your scent is about to go where no man’s scent has gone before. How did Captain Kirk manage to scrounge up all of that hot galactic poonani? Other than the fact that he was a fucking space captain (I mean, come on, hello? Chick magnet city!), the Shat-man had a little secret up his sleeve. A trio of fragrances were ...

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