Smell of Books: The Cure for Print Withdrawal


I’m sort of worried that if I invest so much money in a Kindle, I’m going to have some serious tactile and olfactory withdrawal. And I don’t think I’m along. We need to feel the book in our hands and smell the scent that only a newly cracked-open book can emit.

“Smell of Books” aerosol spray allows you to simulate the scent of a real physical book, even if you’re reading an e-book. “Smell of Books” would be available in an assortment of scent variations, including Classic Musty Smell, Crunchy Bacon Scent, Eau You Have Cats, New Book Smell and Scent of Sensibility. Suggested retail price? Varies between $4.99 and $28.99 depending on the scent. (We’re almost positive this is a joke. But hell, people would buy it!)


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