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Hackers of the world, unite

Repair is greenrepair is joyfulrepair injects soul and makes things unique. Those are some of the claims of Ifixits "Self-Repair Manifesto," which is not a self-help tract but a hackers call to arms.

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Fixing a Hole: Guy Fixes WWII-Damaged German Buildings with LEGO Bricks

Germany took some serious damage in WWII. Just because they were kicking some ass for a few years doesn’t mean they didn’t get what was coming to them. To this day, many German buildings show the damage they sustained during the war. Jan (pronounced “Yahn,” I suppose) Vormann’s project Dispatchwork has been showing itself, piece by piece, throughout Berlin, in ...

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Sam’s Club Has Geeks On Call To Overcharge You And Fix Nothing

It’s no mystery that Geek Squad, the subsidiary computer repair service of the Best Buy Company, is known for its incompetence and over-pricing in computer maintenance. After all, it’s Best Buy. Now, these computer services are sprouting up alongside many other major retailers. A week after Dell announced its tech-support services with Wal-Mart, the retail chain Sams Club (which is ...

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Pump Air Into Your Tires And Get A Candy Bar Simultaneously

If you’re like Vince and I, competitive bikers and participators in the Tour de France, then you’ll be happy to know that the bike company Trek is pioneering the forefront in vending machines for bikes called “Trek Stop.” It’s the cycling convenience center that provides nearby stranded bikers all the needs (without the know-how) for bike repair. At the moment, ...

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