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iPhone 3G Contest Winners

Let’s get right to it. No bullshit, just winners and losers. Here are the three people who will be getting a brand spankin’ new iPhone 3G case, courtesy of Proporta: Julia February 6, 2009 10:53am since i am a delicte, tender and respectful lover, my hands are often covered in ky jelly. a lot of ky jelly. like i ...

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Reminder: iPhone 3G Contest

Just a reminder that there is one week left on our latest contest. You can win one of several iPhone 3G cases that were graciously donated to us from Proporta. Enter before you drop your iPhone and scratch it all up!

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Contest: Is That An iPhone…?

Of course it isn’t you cheap bastard! But! We do have a lovely selection of cases from Proporta that are ready for the taking. We have up for grabs: 1 Soft Feel Silicone Case and 2 Maya Leather Pouches. These are superbly made cases and let’s face it: you do NOT want to break or scratch an iPhone 3G, unless ...

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What is Proporta Smoking?

An e-mail from usually-decent accessories manufacturer Proporta landed in my Inbox this morning. It was for a Universal iPod Dock that’s supposed to fit the iPhone, iPod, etc. and charge it via USB. OK. Fantastic, right? Not really. Problem is, according to the pictures on the product page, it looks like they took a goddamned iPod cable directly from Apple ...

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Keep devices charged with the Proporta USB Mobile Device Charger

Everyone has one of those times where they desperately need one of their devices charged, whether it is a phone to talk to a girlfriend or an iPod to drown out the screaming of your little cousin at the family reunion. The new mobile charger from Proporta allows you to recharge anything that can be charged via a USB cable. ...

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