Contest: Is That An iPhone…?


Of course it isn’t you cheap bastard! But! We do have a lovely selection of cases from Proporta that are ready for the taking. We have up for grabs: 1 Soft Feel Silicone Case and 2 Maya Leather Pouches. These are superbly made cases and let’s face it: you do NOT want to break or scratch an iPhone 3G, unless you’re on the receiving end of TARP funds from the Feds.


So how to enter? As always, just leave a comment telling us why you want one, which one you want and leave a valid email address. This contest will end next Friday on February 13th. Friday….the 13th? Oh shit! Better hurry up and enter. Good luck.

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  1. i would like on of these cases because my iphone looks like i took sandpaper to the back of it. i understand pain heals, chicks dig scars and glory lasts forever, but when it comes to an iphone it just looks tacky when it is scuffed up. iphones and pumas should never be seen in public scuffed.

  2. I’d like one of of the Maya cases. I always just put my Iphone in my pocket and would like to protect it from everyday knocks and bumps.

  3. I would like an Iphone case. I have an Ipod Touch 1st gen. So they should be compatable. My ipod looks like it is 5 years old because of all the scratches and stuff. Please accept me in your raffle in order to protect my ipod. I LOVE your site and i am on it everyday, keep it going. Thanks, A.J.

  4. Id love a case cause one of my jackass friends drew a picture of a dick on my old one and Im tired of hearing the always classic “thats his drawn to scale” joke.

  5. since i am a delicte, tender and respectful lover, my hands are often covered in ky jelly. a lot of ky jelly. like i could make a sandwich.

    this is bad for my iphone.

    please help.

  6. Because I’ve replaced mine at least half a dozen times due to hardware defects.
    And finally, because cases are an iPhone’s best friend (after me of course 😉 )!

  7. I want one because I’m too cheap to buy my own, even though my iPhone needs some sort of protection. This reason is probably too lame (and honest) to earn me anything, but oh well, it’s worth trying.

  8. I want one because my iphone is all scratches, i dont have a case yet..
    I would like.. mjm.. any of them..

  9. I want one because… well… it doesn’t have a scratch mark but a scrape mark. One little scrape mark on my iPhone. NOT THE BACK but on the front. So when I’m on it doing my business, it’s always there taunting me. I can hear my iPhone in tears saying, “Why do you hurt me so?” I don’t want my iPhone to say this to me again.

  10. I want the silicone case, because I just got my iPhone and it is like a baby too me. Also I had a nightmare last night that I broke it all to hell, and had to pay an crap load to get it fixed. I woke up in a cold sweat this morning. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

  11. I want one to replace the one that got thrashed when on new years a pond snuck up on me and attacked, causing my previous case to be slammed into solid rock… my phone was safe and scratch free… but the case was displeased with its sudden relocation and has not spoken to me since…

  12. oops, and I would like a pouch, but really I’d be pleased for a shiny new case of any sort!

  13. I need a case because my job paid for my iphone, but doesn’t pay me enough to afford a case for it. All of my superiors can afford cases for theirs, so my lack of a case makes it blatantly obvious how much less money I make than them. Please save me the embarassment.. I want a pouch.

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