iPhone 3G Contest Winners

Let’s get right to it. No bullshit, just winners and losers. Here are the three people who will be getting a brand spankin’ new iPhone 3G case, courtesy of Proporta:

Julia � February 6, 2009 10:53am

since i am a delicte, tender and respectful lover, my hands are often covered in ky jelly. a lot of ky jelly. like i could make a sandwich.

this is bad for my iphone.

please help.

Tom � February 5, 2009 14:00pm

I�d like one of of the Maya cases. I always just put my Iphone in my pocket and would like to protect it from everyday knocks and bumps.

Steven H. � February 8, 2009 16:16pm

I want the silicone case, because I just got my iPhone and it is like a baby too me. Also I had a nightmare last night that I broke it all to hell, and had to pay an crap load to get it fixed. I woke up in a cold sweat this morning. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

You people are really something with these comments. To claim your case, you must email me with your mailing address at [email protected]. Thanks to all who entered and keep your eyes peeled for our next contest!

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