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Coming Soon: Wash Your Hands With Plasma

Developed in Germany at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, this hand sanitizer uses plasma to zap your hands free of germs. And it’s cheap! With only a $100 production cost. It uses plasma�heated gas, essentially�to clean your hands all over, including underneath your nails. It�s quick: your hands will be clean as a whistle (?) in only four ...

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The Electra Heart Lamp

Take a plasma ball from Spencer’s Gifts and throw in a little love and you’ll wind up with this Electra Heart Lamp. It resembles the heart and if you touch it, electricity from inside will go to your fingers a la plasma ball. Fantastic looking but unfortunately, it’s discontinued. A shame, considering it was only twenty bucks. Link [via]

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KISS Plasma Light Sculpted Head Is Worth a Deuce

Get up And get your old lamp outta here Pick up this KISS Sculpted Head this year And baby Do the things it says to do Baby, if you’re feeling good And baby if you’re feeling nice You know you need this sculpted head It’s worth a deuce or $59.98 Honey Don’t put your old lamp behind its years And ...

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Fujitsu’s interactive UBWall in the wild, cramming products down your throat

The UBWall is a Fujitsu-made concept which has burrowed its way out from under the R&D walls into Japan’s busy consumer district. UBWall is an interactive touch display with integrated Wi-Fi and RFID capabilities which first appeared about two years ago, but is only recently being used in the wild. Financial-services company Nomura Securities is installing an still undecided amount ...

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New LG HDTVs play and record your video all by itself

LG has just announced 37 inch, 42 inch, and 47 inch LCD TVs, as well as 50 and 60 inch plasmas. What is so special about these large HDTVs? Each and every one has an integrated digital video recorder coupled with a 160GB hard drive. Take that TiVo. You also get dual tuners so that you can either record two ...

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Hey, where’d our plasma go? Ahh…conveniently under the bed

Plasma TVs can really be a distraction when, ahem, other bedroom activities are going on. How can anyone concentrate fully when theirs a hockey game on in plasma quality? We know we couldn’t! It’s time you pimped out your baby making room and get yourself this distraction eliminator. The MK1 Studio Underbed Lift, conveniently lowers your plasma snuggly under your ...

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