Hey, where’d our plasma go? Ahh…conveniently under the bed

mk1 studio underbed lift

Plasma TVs can really be a distraction when, ahem, other bedroom activities are going on. How can anyone concentrate fully when theirs a hockey game on in plasma quality? We know we couldn’t!

It’s time you pimped out your baby making room and get yourself this distraction eliminator. The MK1 Studio Underbed Lift, conveniently lowers your plasma snuggly under your bed so that all of you extracurricular activities go uninterrupted. All that’s needed is 8″ of space between your bed and the floor and the need for pimpage.

The Underbed Lift can have your TV up and ready to watch in 45 seconds. Enough time for you to throw your pants back on, or to take them off, depending on your plans with your plasma. The Lift’s stand is also rotational so the TV can be moved to be viewed from anywhere in the room.

mk1 studio underbed lift

Andrew Dobrow

MK1  Studio Product Page  [via Coolest Gadgets]

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