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Goldfish Trash Bags Are Not PETA Friendly

There’s nothing more thrilling than the mass slaughter of innocent fishies. Dump your oil in that lake. Piss in that stream all you want. Yeah, baby, that’s the stuff. The Goldfish Trash bag lets you feel like a real man, conquering nature at its best, showing those damn smug goldfish just who’s running things around here. I mean, come one, ...

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Spidercow: A Victim of Bovine Intervention

Spidercow has made its presence known wherever there is a need for bovine intervention. Specifically, Athens and London. Finally, a superhero dedicated to the cause of animals rights. PETA will be thrilled. Maybe they’ll slaughter a litter of puppies in celebration.

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Bacon Lampshade

It’s a lampshade, made out of friggen’ bacon. You got a problem with that? Take it up with PETA. If you’re anything like us, this shade would already be half-eaten, with the other half just about ready to slide down our greedy gullets. Wait a second… was that bacon raw….. ? Oh well… om nom nom. If you don’t like ...

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PETA’s Take On Cooking Mama

Anyone who has ever played Cooking Mama knows what a sweet heart the protagonist, Mama, is. PETA, on the other hand, has a different take on Majesco’s cooking franchise for the Nintendo Wii and DS. To PETA, Mama is an evil witch hellbent on killing innocent turkeys for this upcoming Thanksgiving. In this Flash game, you’ll go through each preparation ...

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Throw out your lawn gnome and get a Dalmation Digging Dog

People have a tendency to want to cover their lawns with useless crap and cliche statuettes that really just make your lawn look more like everyone else’s rather than adding anything unique. You want unique? Try this Digging Dog lawn statue. Much like an ostrich, the statue makes it appear as if you have a dog in your yard who ...

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