Throw out your lawn gnome and get a Dalmation Digging Dog


People have a tendency to want to cover their lawns with useless crap and cliche statuettes that really just make your lawn look more like everyone else’s rather than adding anything unique. You want unique? Try this Digging Dog lawn statue.

Much like an ostrich, the statue makes it appear as if you have a dog in your yard who has stuck a part of its body into the ground. Unlike an ostrich, the dog has about half of its body in the ground. No worries PETA. It’s just a statue. Available now for $19.99, not including fake dog food. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Hi Guys we need to find the place to get the digging dog,
    were in kansas area,
    so get back to us and then we’ll order one and then go from there ok,
    thank you so much,
    Kirk Conway

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