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3-D Pixel Dog Won’t Fetch Jack

This pixelated dog actually serves as an advertisement for Leica cameras. Since I can’t read a ton of Spanish, I’ll leave it up to your imagination to figure out how this dog came about. I love how in the one photo, the real dog is trying to see what’s up with the pixelated paper pooch. Link

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Origami V12 Engine

Montreal native Yee is crazy for origami. Offering DIY kits on his site, you too can create an origami V12 paper engine that pumps just like the real thing (with the help of electrical wires, a resistor, a motor and a battery holder).? Damn shame it can’t power a car with pencil shavings. Well, there’s always the next millennia.Link (via)

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A Place Where Paper Always Beats Scissors

When you and your friends fight over who’s going to be first player in Mario Kart, Doom or whatever game you happen to be playing at the time, the most effective way to handle those sort of situations has always been a best out of three game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. What if we told you there was a way ...

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Xerox Invents “Self-erasing” Paper

Xerox is looking to venture outside the office world you’ve associated it with. Seems now it’s aiming to make tree-hugging hippies smile with erasable paper. The paper automatically clears itself after a 24-hour waiting period and can then be used again and again, up to 100 times. It may not be a zero-watt monitor, but hey, it beats sitting there ...

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New Canon fax machine seems to hold tech back

While this new Canon fax machine labeled the JX200 looks very nice, one can’t help to wonder why anyone needs a stand-alone fax machine anymore? Aren’t fax machines so 90’s business room tech? With the thriving of multi-function printers that can fax, scan, copy, and have built-in phones, what is the point of this? There are advantages to having a ...

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Abracadabra! Your papers are now in this wand, it’s scanning magic.

While scanners haven’t really been in the forefront of technology innovations and annoucenments as of late, this full page scanner sure does find a place in anyone’s heart who has had to carry around bags of press releases lately (CES and Macworld anyone?). This wand is very simple to use. All you do is run it over the page you ...

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