Abracadabra! Your papers are now in this wand, it’s scanning magic.

docupen rc800

While scanners haven’t really been in the forefront of technology innovations and annoucenments as of late, this full page scanner sure does find a place in anyone’s heart who has had to carry around bags of press releases lately (CES and Macworld anyone?). This wand is very simple to use. All you do is run it over the page you wish for it to scan, and it stores the page in full color in about 4-5 seconds. The DocuPen RC800 can store up to 100 pages in its internal memory. So many people have been calling for the abolishment of paper for so many years, and this device sure isn’t going to make paper a thing of the past overnight. But it’s all baby-steps, each new device that allows for more market saturation makes more and more people realize the benefits of having digital copies that weigh next to nothing when compared to that 20 pound bag they have been carrying around all day. It is able to read nine different types of memory cards with a Universal Mobile Charger. The DocuPen is currently being sold for $300. — Nik Gomez

DocuPen  RC800 [via CrunchGear]

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