New Canon fax machine seems to hold tech back

canon jx200 fax machine

While this new Canon fax machine labeled the JX200 looks very nice, one can’t help to wonder why anyone needs a stand-alone fax machine anymore? Aren’t fax machines so 90’s business room tech? With the thriving of multi-function printers that can fax, scan, copy, and have built-in phones, what is the point of this? There are advantages to having a standalone: the main one being that it does its job well, not a ton of jobs OK. So for specs, the JX200 scans and copies at speeds of one page per six seconds. canon also has said that this fax machine is fairly quite, which is something that is pretty hard to find in printing type devices. There is no doubt that this is a high quality product despite its fair price of $80. Canon does not put out products that disappoint. High quality is all fine and good, but is there a demand for fax machines when you can buy multi-functions that can do so much more for just a bit more of an investment? — Nik Gomez

Canon’s New Ol’ Fashioned Fax Machine [SlashGear]

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  1. It may seem retro to those in businesses that don’t use them … but fax is still very much alive.

    When you have some random piece of paper in your hand you need to send somewhere, NOW, and need to be sure there’s hardcopy evidence of it printed straight away at the other end? Fax is the one – drop it in the tray, dial the number, hit start. Even if the quality isn’t great, it’s perfectly fine for most text print or handwritten material. EG express order forms.

    Rather than arsing about looking for a PC with a scanner on it, firing it up, figuring out how the scanner works, logging in to your email, sending the file, then hoping it gets through at a decent speed, isn’t rejected by a firewall, and that the person you’re sending it to has their email on and has access to a usable printer.

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