A Place Where Paper Always Beats Scissors


When you and your friends fight over who’s going to be first player in Mario KartDoom or whatever game you happen to be playing at the time, the most effective way to handle those sort of situations has always been a best out of three game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. What if we told you there was a way to choose paper every time and never lose?

If you can manage to create anything close to the Paper Wars reproductions of classic weapons, organized by PostlerFerguson, I’m pretty sure there would be little debate as to who the winner is, even if your opponent is clearly holding out two fingers in the scissor pose. You think you won? Well try cutting through my paper AK-47, motherfucker! Yeah! What now?


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  1. This is really cool stuff!

  2. now all you have to do it paint the gun a go rob someone when the police are after you you can rip up the gun and no evidence lol

  3. Yeah, great idea Jack. Real classy.

  4. That’s a sick AK-47! Nice work to who made it!

  5. Did you use eny internet to make this stuff? If yes tell me please!!!!!! lol

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