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Unevenly Distributed: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The @

I start this column with only one aim. I would like to try to impart my love for one of the oldest, and most impenetrable, and aesthetically unattractive, and sociopathic and schizophrenic genres of computer game to a reader who will doubtlessly hate it for all of those exact reasons. I'm talking about rogue-likes, so called because of their ancestry in a progenitor called Rogue. Let's see how I do.

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The expanding Kinectosphere

Kinect hacks are emerging at a rapid pace; its hard to recall a mass-market gadget so quickly adapted to new uses. As Bruce Sterling points out, Microsoft accidentally invented a primo piece of art-installation hardware. It's this kind of DIY innovation that keeps tech feral.

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Kinect: ready-to-hack gadgetry

The ease with which the Microsoft Kinect can be torn downand the familiarity of the software driving ithas quickly proven a feature and not a bug for hackers. Hacking commercial gadgets is nothing new of course; but the pace at which hacks now appear, as well as the appeal they generate, is something to watch.

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Ubuntu Script Rocks the Baby to Sleep

I’ve fooled around with most of the major operating systems and Ubuntu is easily the most adaptive. It’s just made for users to fuck around with. So projects like this are possible, if not encouraged. This Ubuntu wizard used a script to make the computer open and close the CD drive over and over again. But for what reason, you ...

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Pandora: Open Source Gaming Console

Sheesh. What the fuck is this brick? I know I start my new construction job next week but I didn’t expect to be subjected to these kinds of materials. Apparently this thing can not only be used to lay down the foundation of a building, but also for open source and retro-gaming. It has an 800×480 pixel display, a bunch ...

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