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OpenClip: Copy, Paste On Your iPhone

For all the iPhone owners out there, I don’t know how you can live without copy and paste functionality. Lucky for you, there’s OpenClip: A non-profit, open source implementation of copy and paste for the iPhone, OpenClip uses an area of the filesystem to enable participating apps to share the contents of a common clipboard. A small number of apps ...

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Blizzard Wants Your Code

Last month, we spoke about the World of Warcraft bot program Glider and how Blizzard is taking legal action against the developers. Now it’s seeking an injunction against making the program open source. Sound odd? It might, but it’s a smart move. You see, Blizzard has to protect both copyrights and intellectual property. Glider infringes upon both and the creators ...

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I Guess Everyone Drinks Kool-Aid Nowadays

I’ve got a problem and it’s with my former employer Michael Arrington. It’s not a personal problem at all, it’s just that he’s not making sense when it comes to his little Firefox Tablet he’s trying to build. Oh, and be warned – the page is bogged down by a gazillion comments, which brings me to my main point: Michael ...

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OpenStomp Open Source Guitar Pedal

There are plenty of software-based guitar solutions for guitarists but how many of them are open source? Very little, to be quite frank. Enter OpenStomp, an open source FX pedal solution for developers and players. The model above, the Coyote-1, can hook up to Windows so parameters can be edited on the fly. Sounds a lot like a MIDI-based solution ...

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Want Linux? Dell is beginning to understand

Linux is pickup up pace. Apple Macs are picking up even quicker. Maybe its people’s increasing frustration with the obstacles presented by Windows. It doesn’t really matter why, right now Microsoft had better deliver with Vista in a few days. With some odd timing, Dell has started to ship mainstream desktops without Windows preinstalled. Not only does this save the ...

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