Blizzard Wants Your Code

Last month, we spoke about the World of Warcraft bot program Glider and how Blizzard is taking legal action against the developers. Now it’s seeking an injunction against making the program open source. Sound odd? It might, but it’s a smart move.

You see, Blizzard has to protect both copyrights and intellectual property. Glider infringes upon both and the creators of the bot, frightened from a huge lawsuit, could easily release the code so that their special project will live on forever. Blizzard knows this and isn’t having any of that crap and thus, they’re asking the courts to prevent Glider from going open source. Some are up in arms over the fact that Blizzard might gain control and/or ownership of someone else’s code. I say you get what you get for messing with a multi-billion dollar cash cow.


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  1. lol is this heading into a big oops i just spilled my code on the internet 🙂

  2. I understand the Bliz has to protect their trademarks and copyrights. They either protect their IP or they lose the rights to it. Ok, that’s cool.

    So how does Glider, which is BTW totally against the Bliz TOS, infringe on either? Glider’s basically a fancy hack, right? Much like all those Addons that are available. They’re not ripping off Bliz code, so where are the legal grounds here?

    Or is Bliz stating that the For Profit Glider is basically an unlicensed product? One that’s using their trademark to make money, without approval?

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