Open Source Augmented Reality — Hopefully with More Cthulhu

Augmented reality is already a pretty cool concept — Who doesn’t love chasing down imaginary ghosts in their living room with their DSi camera? Oh… right. No one really paid attention to the DSi.

Anyway,´┐ŻLayar has just announced that they’re releasing an extension of their augmented reality platform, called Layar Vision. The cool thing about Layar Vision, is that it actually seems to be incorporating tangible use into the concept of augmented reality. It’s being marketed as a way to “Share your offline experiences online”, meaning we could all be even more interconnected by the annoying wonderful concept of information sharing.

In the demo video, the application is used on your mobile phone, and allows you to share virtually anything online. Read a cool magazine article? (Yes, in a real magazine) A button will pop up asking you if you want to share this article online.

To encourage adoption of Layar, the company is having a competition to develop the best “Layer”. Top prize is $15,000.

Does this mean we could start seeing Cthulhu incorporated over cityscapes? Now that would be epic.

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