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Nike Swift Dress System

The world’s elitist runners are still affected by one factor that can’t easily be changed: the human body. Luckily, sports giant Nike has developed a suit that resembles the attire of American Gladiators and supposedly helps you run faster. A series of leg and arm coverings called the “Nike Swift System of Dress” allow a sprinter to move faster via ...

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Nike PhotoiD Campaign

Who doesn’t love Nike? Between their excellent sportswear and baller shoes, Nike is always pushing boundaries in the art world. The latest project to come from the most popular athletic shoe manufacturer is Nike PhotoiD, a new art movement/marketing gimmick that lets users take photos of cool things they see in real life and apply it to a custom-designed pair ...

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Nike’s Lightning Bolts BMX Art Show

Nike recently held an art show in Beijing, China to showcase the history of BMX. All the pros and legends turned out for the event, including Bob Haro, Eddie Fiola and Mat Hoffman. With the spotlight the original Haro Lightning Bolts racing plates, artists showed off their customized plates with many paying tribute to the riding style of the past. ...

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Transformers! Sneakers in disguise

These Nike kicks might look just like any old pair of sneakers, but you’d be wrong in thinking so. In fact, each of these sneakers is actually a Transformer robot. The set only comes with one shoe at a time and every shoe is for the left foot, so don’t think you can just go walking around in a pair ...

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Odd “Laser Engineered” Nike ads found on streets of Paris

If you happen to be walking around the streets of Paris recently you might of come across these very odd Nike “Laser Engineered” ads. After some heavy digging and researching (of course) we’ve managed to uplift some more information and some excellent pictures of the ads themselves. The ads are promotion for  four upcoming Nike sport shoes with a design ...

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Get your Nike + Ipod Sport Kit to work without the Nikes

Techie runners, behold! You can now have your Nike + Ipod Sport Kit without having to waste your money on a pair of $100 Nikes that you dont even like the look of. With the SwitchEasy RunAway AnyShoe Adapter for iPod Sport Kit, you can use your $29 Nike + Ipod Sport Kit ipod accessory on any pair of shoes ...

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