Get your Nike + Ipod Sport Kit to work without the Nikes

switcheasy runaway anyshoe adapter for ipod sport kit

Techie runners, behold! You can now have your Nike + Ipod Sport Kit without having to waste your money on a pair of $100 Nikes that you don�t even like the look of. With the SwitchEasy RunAway AnyShoe Adapter for iPod Sport Kit, you can use your $29 Nike + Ipod Sport Kit ipod accessory on any pair of shoes you like. This little device attaches to your shoelaces and holds the receiver in place.

The RunAway AnyShoe adapters are built to take the beating of training in all weather, as long as you give it some tenderly love when you return home and wipe it with a cloth. At approximately $12, it�s a huge bargain compared to the select Nikes that support the Ipod sport kit. Now you can pull out those disgusting shoes that you�ve refused to give up because �they are comfortable� and start using them again to get information about your running. Just one quick clarification; understand that the RunAway AnyShoe adapters only get you out of buying the specialized Nikes; you still have to buy the Ipod Sport Kit ($29). — Nick Rice

SwitchEasy RunAway AnyShoe Adapter for iPod Sport Kit  [via Gadgetell]

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