Nike PhotoiD Campaign

Who doesn’t love Nike? Between their excellent sportswear and baller shoes, Nike is always pushing boundaries in the art world. The latest project to come from the most popular athletic shoe manufacturer is Nike PhotoiD, a new art movement/marketing gimmick that lets users take photos of cool things they see in real life and apply it to a custom-designed pair of kicks. See some graffiti you like? Take a picture and throw it on your Dunk 6.0s.

Be warned about a few things before popping a sneaker freaker though. One, the shoes will only feature the two most dominant colors, not a silk-screened version of your photo or whatever you had in mind. Also, you’re limited to a pair of 1985 Dunk high-tops, which I’m sure no one is complaining about. Lastly, no US service. This marketing campaign is being rolled out in Europe and Europe only my friends.

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