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New Medication Packaging Could Save Lives!

Expired Medication Packaging

Designers Kanupriya Goel and Gautam Goel have put together a medication packaging that indicates to the user when the drug is no longer valid to take. The packaging utilizes a layer of ink that slowly seeps through the packaging material over time until it indicates when the medication can no longer be taken safely.

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Nanofactory for custom medical needs with no side effects

Picture this. You come down with a horrible case of some horrible diarrhea inducing disease. Now imagine being able to take a pill that literally detects the illness, builds a custom remedy, and then delivers the drug to the necessary areas in need of healing. The University Of Maryland is working on a similar method in which magnetic nanofactories would ...

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Medication ‘Robot’ tooth implants

IntelliDrug, an IST Program project for creating a medicine dispenser the size of a tooth. The device would be able to be implanted in the mouth of the patient, where it would be able to gradually give a measured dose of medicine to fit the patient’s needs. Not the first body “robot” to be mentioned, the medication tooth worries us ...

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MD.2 Pill Dispenser: Don’t forget your medicine!

Many complications of illness and in some occurrences, even death, could of been stopped if someone had not forgotten to take their medication. The effects of missing your medication can sometimes be just as bad as overdosing. The importance of this fact is one that is extremely under publicized. Though, with the advent of the MD.2 Pill Dispenser, remembering medication ...

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