MD.2 Pill Dispenser: Don’t forget your medicine!


Many complications of illness and in some occurrences, even death, could of been stopped if someone had not forgotten to take their medication. The effects of missing your medication can sometimes be just as bad as overdosing. The importance of this fact is one that is extremely under publicized. Though, with the advent of the MD.2 Pill Dispenser, remembering medication becomes easier for those who tend to have issues with their memory, such as the elderly.

It’s understandable how pills can be forgotten with the massive amount of medications some people are prescribed to take. The MD.2 is capable of delivering medicine up to six times a day, depending on what time medications need to be taken. Even more ingenious, the MD.2 will automatically call the caregiver if the medicine is not taken at the correct time. The chance of missing a dose is very slim because of the loud voice and bright flashing light reminders that the Dispenser displays to catch the medicated patients attention.

The MD.2 machine itself is available at a cost of $749.95, but a monthly subscription fee is added for the extra call feature. But more importantly, why is there a Lemon Coke displayed prominently in the photo? — Andrew Dobrow

Product Page [ePill, via Coolest Gadgets]

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