New Medication Packaging Could Save Lives!

When it comes to medication, most of us use it when we need it and shove it back in the medicine cabinet when we’re feeling better. The problem with this habit however, is that seldom do we actually have the presence of mind to check the expiration date on the packaging. A new expiring medication packaging can now help with that!

Expired Medication PackagingExpired Medication PackagingDesigners Kanupriya Goel and Gautam Goel have put together a medication packaging that indicates to the user when the drug is no longer valid to take. The packaging utilizes a layer of ink that slowly seeps through the packaging material over time until it indicates when the medication can no longer be taken safely.

It is possible that the new medication packaging can save lives by notifying users when they shouldn’t take expired drugs; however, it does not control whether users actually take the drugs nor whether discount retailers still sell them inside store packaging.

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