Medication ‘Robot’ tooth implants


IntelliDrug, an IST Program project for creating a medicine dispenser the size of a tooth. The device would be able to be implanted in the mouth of the patient, where it would be able to gradually give a measured dose of medicine to fit the patient’s needs.

Not the first body “robot” to be mentioned, the medication tooth worries us for a few reasons. This thing would have to be tested to the max before anyone decides to put this in their mouth. If something were to malfunction and spray a constant spurt of medicine, overdosing could be a huge problem.

A fully working tooth medical dispensing system would of such specifications as a built-in microprocessor for decision making and program schedules, micro sensors for determining the amount of medicine in the bloodstream, micro-actuators to release a specific amount of medication, a reservoir of the medication, all while still allowing ample space for an adequate chewing surface and will all be controlled through remote control, which will warn of impending low amounts of medicine left in the reservoir.

The device will be able to either mix the medicine with the patients saliva to be swallowed, or inject the medication directly into the bloodstream. Evil dentists everywhere are already plotting their plans of world domination. — Andrew Dobrow

Medication ‘robot’ fits inside tooth [LiveScience]

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