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Replicant: The World’s First Microprocessor-Based Calculator

Retro computer enthusiast Bill Kotaska has successfully built a replica of Busicom’s historic 141-PF printing calculator using vintage Intel chips. It’s the 37th anniversary of the world’s first single chip, customer-programmable microprocessor, the tiny Intel 4004. It was the Japanese calculator maker known as Busicom which later introduced the first product ever built around an Intel microprocessor. So, in light ...

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Medication ‘Robot’ tooth implants

IntelliDrug, an IST Program project for creating a medicine dispenser the size of a tooth. The device would be able to be implanted in the mouth of the patient, where it would be able to gradually give a measured dose of medicine to fit the patient’s needs. Not the first body “robot” to be mentioned, the medication tooth worries us ...

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