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To Facebook you are simple, seamless, and informal

Talking about the new Facebook mail system at today�s live event, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook director of engineering Andrew �Boz� Bosworth keep using words like �simple, seamless, and informal.� But does the new system promote a dumbed-down version of sociability?

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Let’s Spend Mark Zuckerberg’s Money

A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? 6.9 billion dollars. That’s cool. And that’s how much Mark Zuckerberg is worth if you listen to financial projections. If you had Zuck’s mad FaceMash cash, what would you spend? This helpful little infographic makes some suggestions to Zuckerberg on how he should spend his money. Let’s put it this way. ...

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Original FaceMash.com For Sale

Before there was Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg created its ancestral prototype FaceMash, built from his Harvard dorm room in one October night in 2003. Eventually FaceMash evolved into what is now known as Facebook, but FaceMash will always hold a piece of social networking history. Now, anyone with a barrel of cash to spare can purchase FaceMash.com for themselves. The URL ...

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Facebook Movie Script Leaks!

An early draft of Aaron Sorkin’s script for the upcoming Facebook movie has leaked and, big shocker, it doesn’t totally suck! The script mixes in a healthy dose of comedy, with the antagonist being Sean Parker, co-founder of both Napster and Facebook, which we guess makes the protagonist Mark Zuckerberg himself. Parker is said to come off as sort of ...

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