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Classic Video Game Songs Get Lyrics

Aspiring musician and YouTube star Fredde Gredde might not have the most pure talent we’ve ever seen (nothing some good audio software couldn’t fix), Freddie25 has a way with melody and creating medleys of niche-y topics. This time around he’s created a medley of classic video game music, complete with homemade lyrics. We’ve seen Japanese adaptations of the Super Mario ...

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i-Tab: For The Forgetful Guitarist

There’s nothing quite like the�embarrassment�of being on stage, in front of tens of people, and just going blank. Oh crap, what chord do I play next? Do I stop playing or just improvise? i-Tab seeks to stop the forgetful guitarist in his or her absentminded tracks, displaying a constant stream of lyrics, chords and tabs as you play along with ...

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Podcasting and lyrics support for Zune?

It’s probably the strongest argument against the Zune (for geeks): no podcast integration. It seems like such an easy area to build into any new portable audio device, but Microsoft missed the bar with the release of the Zune. But can Microsoft redeem itself? Of cource, the Zune supports firmware updates, an feature that Apple consistently leaves out of its ...

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